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Hail stones on a roof

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When you hear continuous banging sounds on your roof during a storm, then it is about time you prepared for a roof hail damage repair. It does not matter if they are tiny or large hailstones; they will still have damaging effects on your roof. When your roof suffers damages, you will need an expert in storm damage repair. The company for the people in Atlanta, GA is Mosaic Roofing. We are a full-time residential roofing company licensed to take care of your roof. Our service is swift with trained technicians who have the skills and equipment to do a good job. As if that is not impressive enough, we also offer you a free estimation for the project. To enjoy our roof hail damage repair services in Atlanta, GA, call us today at (404) 260-3168.

The Effect of Hail on Your Roof

What makes it complicated to deal with roof hail damage is the lack of a pattern in the damage. On one side, you could be having the granules knocked off, while on the next side, the asphalt shingles could suffer destruction as if hit by a stone. In some instances, the hailstones can bore holes in your roof. No matter the size, whether tiny or large, the damage can still be severe. However, it is critical to acknowledge that large hailstones are likely to cause more damage to your roof if you compare them to smaller ones. No matter the type of issue you are dealing with after a hailstorm, technicians from Mosaic Roofing can guarantee you superior roof hail damage repair services in Atlanta, GA. Contact us today at (404) 260-3168.

How To React To A Hailstorm

After a severe hailstorm, the first action you should take is to check your roof for damages. If there are any, make sure to document them. For clarity, you can choose to use photo evidence to back up your findings. You can then use the documentation when filing for roof insurance. To ensure you catch all the areas, have a professional roofer from Mosaic Roofing inspect the degree of damage on your roof. Some of the signs we look at when inspecting your roof include the following.

  • We will try and find the areas the hailstones hit. The parts they fall on appear black, and the granules are also knock off. This way, it leaves your roof vulnerable.
  • If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the parts hit by the hailstones will look shiny.
  • If you touch your roof shingles, it feels like it has bruises.
  • The damages your roof will incur will have no pattern; they will be all over the place. It is for this reason that you will need the services of a professional for a roof inspection.

While it could be easy for you to ignore a few knocked-off granules, hailstones can cause severe damage to your roof. It could mess up your roof structure leading to problems such as the growth of mold and leakages. Hence it is better to call for professional inspection after a hailstorm, even if you cannot visibly spot a problem. Get in touch with us at (404) 260-3168 when you need reliable roof hail damage repair in Atlanta, GA.

Asphalt shingle roof with hailstones

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Immediately after a hailstorm, document the damages on your roof to kick-start the repair process. To get the best services out there, hire our technicians. We have a bunch of honest and skillful technicians who love and enjoy their work. For more on our roof hail damage repair services in Atlanta, GA call us today at (404) 260-3168