Roof Leak Repair

Leaking roof

Free Your Roof of Leaks

Leakages are not a pleasing sight to any homeowner. Roof leak repair services are one of the common issues we deal with in Atlanta, GA. We understand that a leak is a timely issue that you would want to solve as soon as possible. At Mosaic Roofing, we are always ready to get to work when you call. We have equipment that will help us quickly locate the leaking part of your roof, before sealing it. Being a residential roofer, we understand that leaks can damage your belongings or cause accidents. With that in mind, we make sure to take every precaution to make sure we deal with the problem quickly. For more on our roof leak repair services in Atlanta, GA call us today at ​(404) 260-3168.

How To React When You Notice a Leak

Your roof is leaking if you notice your floor, ceiling, or wall is wet, and you cannot account for the water. First, place a bucket to prevent the water from flooding your home and damaging your carpet or your electric appliances. Second, remove any belongings that water can damage from the floor or wall, things such as electrical gadgets and paintings.

Next, try to find out the source of the leak. Mostly it is from the roof. There could be a hole or a broken section letting water pass through your roof. When you notice such problems, call Mosaic Roofing for roof leak repair. If you are finding it hard to spot the leaking area, contact your roofing contractor for help. Technicians from Mosaic Roofing have the experience and equipment to inspect your roof and find out what section is leaking. They also can find all the leaking areas in your roof, while with your naked eye, you could at times only notice one.

If you have insurance for your roof, we will begin by contacting your firm. We will then proceed to inspection to help you file a roof insurance claim. After the adjuster visits your property and you have received the repair funds, we can proceed to restore your roof. To hire us for our roof leak repair services in Atlanta, GA call us today at (404) 260-3168.

A Roof Repair

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After getting the go-ahead from your insurance company, you need the services of a reliable contractor to deal with your leaking roof. At Mosaic Roofing, you can expect quality work from a professional roofer who has fully mastered their craft. They will first begin with an inspection to discover where the leakage is originating. After locating the leakage, we will proceed to repair it. It does not matter if the opening causing the leak is a large or tiny space, we will seal it completely.

After finishing up on roof leak repair in Atlanta, GA, we can go further and take a look at the condition of your roof. A roof inspection will be necessary to discover if the leakage caused any other damages to your roofing structure. If so, we will proceed to restore the functionality of your roof. We specialize in repairing all types of roofing. We can provide you with a variety of services, including emergency repairs and roof maintenance. Whenever you are in need of roof leak repair in Atlanta, GA call Mosaic Roofing call us at (404) 260-3168.