About Us

Roofing Contractor

Mosaic Roofing is located in Atlanta, GA and we have been changing lives since 2018. Our technicians include professionals who can handle any problem you are having with your roof. We aim to provide you with the best services by bringing together a group of professionals who love their work and wake up every day to give their best. We provide residential roofer services, including asphalt shingle roof repair or replacement and wind damage roof repair. For more on our roofing contractor services in Atlanta, GA get in touch with us at (404) 260-3168.

Our Services

To begin with, we are a residential roofing contractor. We can handle anything from repair, installation, inspection to replacement. We also provide storm damage roof repair. Projects such as roof leak repair, hail, and windstorm damage repairs are some of the areas in which we do our best work. We also help you with filing your roof insurance claim when you are seeking funds for roof repairs. No matter the project, we always bring our A-game to the table. To hire or inquire if we can help you deal with the issue you are having with your roof, call us today at (404) 260-3168.

Why Hire Mosaic Roofing

Why hire Mosaic Roofing for your next roofing project? The answer is plain and clear: we are the best. For one, our technicians have years of experience together with a constantly growing skill-set and can guarantee you commendable results when you hire our services. They will also treat you with the utmost respect and maintain a high level of professionalism. Second, our services are of higher quality. We make sure to maintain a high standard on all our projects. It does not matter if it is roof installation or emergency roof repair; we always arrive ready to get to work. Lastly, our prices are fair. We do not aim to overcharge you one bit, and we can account for every penny you put on your project. For the best roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA, contact us today at (404) 260-3168.